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02 May 2016 hack

For all of us who found my PSP Article to be useful and informative I am writing another installment limited to the Xbox!

XBox is amongst the other great consoles available that games are for sale for download online. It's not hard to get games uploaded and running. I know could achieve this after a small acquisition of a difficult Drive I found on tiger direct. I was capable of score a 250 GB drive for $70.00 at The holiday season in 2005.

Can you imagine what number of movies and games that compatible? A tremendous amount!

After installing the drive I started downloading games and flicks in great amounts. After the 8 months of needing this new and improved XBox I've only was able to fill up 1 / 2 of the room. I could even delete a number of the movies/games I don't want anymore to get back space easily were to need it.

Getting games installed and operating on the X Box is painless and won't set you back too much in comparison to the amount you might end up paying for 5 games. I'd say for the expense of 1 game monthly I'm able to have 20 games. By downloading them. Not forgetting I haven't got to pay for movies either. I simply download them from my subscription site and upload on the XBox and observe them on my Giant screen TV!

Here is what you will need to get this installed and operating:

 A mod Chipped XBOX or perhaps a Soft Boot CD(Google them)

 A Larger HD(recommended as you will be receiving games constantly!)

 Web connection(You should have this should you be reading my awesome articles.)

 A Several hours each day.

 DVD Burner in order to put games/movies on DVD. Not just a requirement really!

Hey, that does not could be seen as excessive to me. I will make an effort to explain these requirements. The modified XBox is necessary to install larger HDs and software to help you to play movies and downloaded games. Unless you want to buy a pre modified XBox or know how to solder then this soft boot cd is for you. You only position the CD in then invest your downloaded game. Net connection - obviously you'll want to download them somehow? The couple of hours is what it often takes me to download any popular title. Finally the DVD burner, that is as long as you want to burn games or movies to DVD. They just don't fit on CDs. I know upload all of my titles to the xbox with an Ethernet cable.

If you would like a lot of downloading video games you can check out this website I discovered. They appear to deliver the better sites and information about downloading games. I personally use them for all my gaming needs. game


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